If we are a Vocera customer, what do we need to run DeviceKeeper.com at our facility?

Nothing is required to inventory your Vocera or other mobile devices in DevicKeeper.com other than IE 7 (or above), Google Chrome or Firefox 1.5 (or above) browser Internet connectivity.

If you want to take advantage of the DeviceKeeper.com sync client that matches user and usage data to devices, then you will need to have a Vocera® Report server with outbound HTTP connectivity.

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If we want to use DeviceKeeper.com for other mobile assets, are there any limitations? What's required?

While there are some specific Vocera hooks in DeviceKeeper.com, we designed the system to be open enough to handle many different types of mobile devices, including internal phone technologies from Ascom, Cisco, and Polycom/Spectralink. Our customers have asked us to includes cellular telephones, PDAs, and pagers in the mix. However, there is no explicit direct integration with any technology other than Vocera. Please contact us if there are integrations you would like to see.

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If I have existing inventory data, how can I get it into the DeviceKeeper.com database?

As part of your subscription service or software licensing fee, we will initialize your data for you. We can provide you with a CSV template, or you can give us the data in most structured formats. If your data requires significant manipulation, additional fees may apply.

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How do I start a DeviceKeeper.com subscription?

Call our team at 888.427.2215 (option 3) for an initial consultation, or send us a request via our contact form. Subscriptions can be handled via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover) or via PO for customers approved for credit.

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Can I purchase DeviceKeeper.com server software online?

Currently DeviceKeeper.com is not available as a downloadable product. If you are interested in purchasing standalone DeviceKeeper.com software, send us a request via our contact form, or call us at 888.427.2215 (option 3).

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Vocera® 4.x server software offers asset management capabilities. How is DeviceKeeper.com different?

While Vocera® 4.x device management features will provide a suitable asset management approach for many customers, DeviceKeeper.com has taken a different, yet complementary approach to Vocera's native capabilities. The most significant difference in our approach is that we recognize that customers will always use Vocera alongside other mobile communications applications. Our solution is more holistic, allowing Vocera devices to live in an asset management context that also includes other mobile devices, like Ascom, Cisco, or Polycom/Spectralink phones; pagers; iPhones; Android devices; BlackBerrys; as well as relevant perpipherals such as rack chargers. In respect to Vocera® 4.x, DeviceKeeper.com is not an either or proposition, as DeviceKeeper.com can be used in conjunction with Vocera® 4.x.

Other differences include:

  • DeviceKeeper.com lives outside of the Vocera production environment, allowing you to give roles-based access to asset management data to unit-level nurse managers without infrastructure security concerns.

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Is DeviceKeeper.com customizable?

DeviceKeeper.com includes user defined fields and the ability to update a device record with unlimited "notes" regarding status changes to a device. Our device database includes many typical brands, models, and carriers. When your subscription is initialized, our team will work with you to match up and add unique elements as required.

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